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At Countryside Veterinary Clinic, what sets us apart from others will be important to you and your pet. We are a small privately owned clinic without all the corporate health care gimmicks and retail "hard sell." Your invoices won't be bloated with silly add ons (i.e. hazardous waste disposal fees, new patient record fees) and needless inflation. In addition to good general preventative medicine and dentistry, we offer advanced orthopedic procedures, particularly canine cruciate ligament repair and fracture repair along with all major abdominal surgeries, splenectomies, cystotomies, skin grafting, blood transfusions, and chemotherapy. We have pushed the envelope of good general practice to bring the most service and value to our clients. And all of this is delivered in a manner that fits most budgets. If you cannot afford it, we cannot do it. And we're doers. It is not just the routine healthy visits and check-ups that drive us, it is the big and complicated cases as well. We have invested heavily in the information age and its technology, bringing you and your pet the benefits of diagnostic imaging in a manner you'll find in almost no other small clinic. One visit in our exam rooms and you will understand. Our exam room consoles feature digital medical record stations for immediate medical record entry. And, along with your pets' medical records, we have all your pets imaging records available with just a few keystrokes, ready for you to view right in the exam room on a high definition monitor. That's right, X-rays, Ultrasounds, and surgical photos all viewable in high definition. Now pet owners can appreciate the value of diagnostic imaging as never before.


We have pioneered the use and management of digital imaging in a small practice setting. We offer in house ultrasound available right away. No more waiting for an appointment with a specialist. We have logged hundreds of cardiac and abdominal cases and all images again are easily reviewed by owners and available, by request, to take home on a CD at no extra charge. Our investment is your gain. Better imaging means better diagnostics and health care delivery. Broader service offerings mean more efficient and cost effective treatment for your pet. Digital X-rays and on demand Ultrasound provide you and your pet with a more accurate and timely diagnosis that may improve treatment.

We offer the latest chemotherapy options for a variety of cancer treatment programs. We currently have osteosarcoma and lymphoma patients in chemotherapy programs and are doing extremely well. Call us to schedule second opinion or come for a visit and see what we have to offer. You and your pet will be glad you did.

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R.L. Massucco Jr., DVM








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