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Welcome to family-owned and operated Countryside Kennels, your one –stop solution for short-term or long-term pet residence and care. We have been caring for pets in this quiet, country setting for over 40 years.

 We have grown our services to respond to the changing needs and demands of the 21st century pet and pet owner. In addition to our adjacent full-service veterinary hospital, our kennel offers residents climate controlled, indoor kennel space for safety, each with its own separate attached outdoor run. The gently sloped concrete floors and sanitary drainage system ensure your pet’s quarters remain dry and disease-free. We supply plenty of comfortable bedding, however pet owners often ask if they can bring their own. We’re happy to give our guests their familiar belongings with the understanding that we cannot be responsible if they are lost, soiled or destroyed. Guests from the same family are welcome to share a kennel, but will be separated at the slightest sign of aggression. The kennel also has a fully functional security system and power generator in case of power outage.


Health Standards 

To maintain the health of all of our guests we require that each pet’s basic immunizations be current – verified by your veterinarian over the phone or in writing. These immunizations are Rabies, DA2PP or DHPP (Distemper & Parvo Virus) and Bordetella (canine cough). Cats must be immunized against Rabies, and FVRCP (Panleukopenia, Rhinotracheitis and Calci Virus.) Your pet’s vaccines can also be updated at Countryside Veterinary Clinic during their stay.

Please do not bring any type of rawhide as we cannot give it to your pet for safety reasons.

Add on to your pet's stay with a Gold Star package. Regular exercise can help to prevent many ailments. Whether your pet is here for the day or a few weeks, Gold Star will undoubtedly be beneficial physically and mentally.

Gold Star - $5 per day. Leash walk in enclosed area. Bedtime snack.

Feline Companions

Our feline friends and exotics enjoy a room separate from all the canine commotion. During a stay at CK they will enjoy a sunny, warm room with quiet classical music playing.  Comfortable cat "condos" are excellent for cat naps. We also offer "Gold Star" for cats which includes one-on-one interaction, cuddling, and climbing time.




Sunday-Friday 8am-11am & 4pm-6pm

Saturdays 8am-3pm

Closed for drop offs & picks up on major holidays.

Kennel Manager: Tenley Bourget

Kennel Tours:

We are happy to have potential clients tour the facility. Please call to schedule, on-demand tours are not available.  Tours are given in the afternoons Monday-Friday only.



Boarding Rates (per calendar day)

1-20 lbs. $23

21-50 lbs. $24

51-80 lbs. $ 25

81-100 lbs. $26

101 lbs. & over $29

Cats $ 22

Pets in need of medication administration: $3/day

Gold Star for dog or cat $5/per day

Bathing charges are additional, please call for pricing. We also perform nail trims and ear cleanings at the client's request.











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